freeze dried raw food
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What is Freeze Dried Raw Food?

  1. All products start as frozen, raw patties, mixers or nuggets. At this stage, all moisture in the product is ice.
  2. The product goes into the freeze-dryer which applies a vacuum while at extremely cold temperatures.
  3. While in the freeze-dryer, ice changes to water vapor turning the frozen product to dry without ever thawing out.
  4. After 20 hours in the freeze-dryer, the product has transformed into shelf stable, freeze-dried patties, mixers or nuggets ready for packaging.
Raw Foods and true costs
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Raw Food Costs vs. Vet Bills


Let’s keep this simple, feeding raw whole foods is really an investment in your pet’s health and reduced vet bills. Whether you have a pet with health problems or want to prevent them in the future a raw diet can reduce chances of serious illness. It can also help animals recover from illness, allergies or it’s severity because it supports cellular function on a higher level than processed foods can.

dog teeth brushing
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Tips for good oral dog and cat care

4 Steps for Good Oral Care

First – Brushing

Good oral care for dogs and cats starts with the owners’ commitment to brush. That’s right old-fashioned teeth bruising is your very best defense against oral disease just like it is in people. Choose a soft bristle tooth brush and pet specific tooth paste because they will swallow what you put in their mouth. Then brush teeth and gums, practice makes perfect.

Second – Diet

From a diet perspective them most effective diet for keeping a dog healthy and their teeth clean is raw food. If you can’t go raw there are fantastic grain-free options of dry and wet foods.

Third – Chews

A chewing dog has healthier teeth than one that doesn’t. We encourage your dog to chew beef back strap to maintain health teeth and gums.

Cat’s aren’t big chewers so you may consider a certified water additive like Bluestem. This is a Canadian certified product good for cats and dogs.

Fourth – Make it a Routine
Despite our best intentions, brushing a dog or cat’s teeth has its challenges. Target a minimum of 3 days a week and put it into your routine and it will become theirs.

A healthy mouth makes for a healthier and happier fur baby!

best dog picture
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5 Tips For a Good Dog Pictures

  1. Sit and stay

It’s not always easy to get your dog to sit and stay and it’s something you can work on with your pet. If your dog doesn’t sit and stay naturally it’s something you can work on and then build more distance for the ultimate shot. When researching for this article we found a pooch selfie gadget, check it out (

  1. What’s in the background

The background can make or break a good photo. Make sure you take a moment, and make sure that your background is clear and then snap that picture! –no telephone poles please 🙂

  1. Find the light

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Hemp Pet Treats
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Medical Hemp For Pets – Yes or No

Medical Marijuana for pets

Despite the dangers associated with marijuana for companion animals, some veterinarians and researchers have found that modified pot-based products are helpful to animals suffering from various health issues. Sometimes these treatments have worked for ailing pets when nothing else has.

A growing number of pets are taking hemp-based capsules that contain only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol—or THC—the psychoactive ingredient that provides the cannabis high. Hemp-based products have been found to contain over 60 components that can only be found in the marijuana plant. These compounds are known as phytocannabinoids.

New companies developing products that contain these unique compounds to treat anxiety, digestive issues, seizures and more. But the process of getting cannabis-based products on the market is tricky.

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Santa Photos
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Dog Christmas Pictures

We welcome your precious pooch at the store anytime. However, this Sunday, November 27th is extra special. We have pictures with Santa scheduled from 1 – 4pm.  If you worry about your dog staying calm during the photo shoot there are lots of options to consider.

If you worry about your dog staying calm during the photo shoot below are some options to consider.

  1. Take your pooch for a nice walk before the photo shoot
  2. Come extra early before photo lines begin (less dogs around)
  3. Consider giving your pet a calming formula like Bach Flower or Zuke’s Calming treat formula
  4. If you are calm often your pet will stay calm, so enjoy!


Sedation-Free DogTeeth Cleaning
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Subtle clues your dog is having dental trouble.

There are subtle cues that your dog is having dental trouble:

1. Shyness. If your pet ducks when someone pets their head or neck, they are likely feeling sensitive.

2. Loss of appetite. If your pet  picks kibble out of her bowl and drops it on the floor, that’s the pet equivalent of pushing food around—and a sign that eating hurts.

3. Gums are more red than pink. As in humans, red, inflamed tissue means an infection is lurking.

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