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Nagayu Skin Therapy Treatment

How does it work? 

The tablet is placed in a specialized shower head and dissolves in fresh running water as your pet is being rinsed. When the body absorbs skin therapy systembicarbonate ions through the skin it causes the body to synthesize and release nitric oxide into the inner lining of the blood vessels. This process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed, bicarbonate ions and carbon dioxide within the body are excreted as by products. This process helps in the maintaining of the pH levels in the blood and skin. 

What is it?

It is a compressed tablet consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and bicarbonate. Nagayu Co2 TreatmentThis system will add ions into the rinse following the shampoo, which has proven to be effective on humans for years. This method originated in a small village in Japan called Nagayu, where carbon dioxide naturally occurs in the hot springs. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Hot spot relief 
  • Odour eliminator
  • Improved coat 
  • Discourages skin irritation 
  • Deep cleansing 
  • Supports healing of parasitic bites

How to add this service to my appointment?

When you are booking your fur baby’s appointment online you can select an add on called the ‘Nayagu Skin Therapy”. This add on service costs $10 for small dogs and $17 for larger dogs, but does not add more time onto their appointment.