Grooming Available 7 Days a Week

For your scheduling convenience our booking process is available online. 

Regular grooming helps keep your pets coat and hair healthy not to mention looking and smelling great! At our Vancouver grooming salon we only use organic natural low odor products on dogs and cats to keep their sensitive noses happy. Humans are happy with the result of cleansed, clean health clean skin and a soft plush coat. Both shot or long hair breeds benefit from our grooming services.

We take great pride in offering specialized Japanese scissor grooming. These grooming techniques produces a beautiful finishing style for both long or short haircuts.  Groomers from Asia spend up to 2 years in grooming school with a focused education on 3 dimensional finishing techniques. This leaves your curly, wavy or drop coat dog beautifully styled.

We offer bath & tidy, and full grooming services for all dog here in beautiful Vancouver for coat types and conditions. Dogs with wiry coats are great candidates for hand stripping. Don’t let the name ‘Dawg’ make you think we don’t specialize in cat grooming. Our cat groomer has been working on cats, dogs and horses for over 17 years. Additionally we offer No Sedation Teeth Cleaning.

You only need to book an appointment for Bath & Tidy, Full-Grooming or our No Sedation Dental cleaning services. All other services, such as, a face, leg, bum, anal gland sanitation and nail trims are based on the convenience of drop-in! If it’s late in the day be sure to give us a call ahead of time to be sure we have the right service provider still available.

BATH & TIDY –  includes a face, foot and pad trim, bum trim, bath, blowout, brushing, ear cleaning, ear plucking only when required and discussed with their human, nail trim with plenty of extra pats. This service usually takes about 2 hours. 

FULL-GROOMING – includes an all over trim with scissor finishing, bath, blowout, bruising, nail trim and pad trim, ear cleaning and ear plucking only when required. This service takes about 3 hours. 

For your scheduling convenience our booking process is available online. To book your pet’s appointment simply click on the Book Appointment button above.


All our dog spa services are provided solely by experienced master grooming professionals trained in the ethical treatment of your pet and expert detailed finishing. You will notice the difference.

Pricing is based on dog size, the condition of the coat, matting, short hair vs long hair, etc.


  • Under 8lbs
  • Full Groom $65+
  • Bath & Tidy $40+


  • Under 9-15lbs
  • Full Groom $70+
  • Bath & Tidy $45+


  • Under 16-25lbs
  • Full Groom $75+
  • Bath & Tidy $55+


  • Under 26-50lbs
  • Full Groom $80+
  • Bath & Tidy $60+


  • Under 51-90lbs
  • Full Groom $90+
  • Bath & Tidy $65+


  • Under 90lbs+
  • Full Groom $100+
  • Bath & Tidy $75+


  • Dog Nail Trim $15/$20
  • Cat Nail Trim $15
  • Ear cleaning $15
  • Face tidy $15
  • Feet tidy $10
  • Bum tidy $10
  • Teeth brushing $7
  • Anal sanitation $20


  • Poodle feet $10
  • Teeth brushing $5
  • Anal sanitation $20


  • De-Shedding $10/15 min.
  • De-Shedding shampoo & conditioner $8
  • Soothing coconut oil rub $15
  • De-Matting $10/15 min.
  • Flea bath $15
  • Skunk bath $25
  • Tick removal $5/tick