5 Tips For a Good Dog Pictures

  1. Sit and stay

It’s not always easy to get your dog to sit and stay and it’s something you can work on with your pet. If your dog doesn’t sit and stay naturally it’s something you can work on and then build more distance for the ultimate shot. When researching for this article we found a pooch selfie gadget, check it out (http://geniusgadget.com).

  1. What’s in the background

The background can make or break a good photo. Make sure you take a moment, and make sure that your background is clear and then snap that picture! –no telephone poles please 🙂

  1. Find the light


Don’t lose your dog’s adorable face details – don’t take a picture looking into the sun. If your able to get a photo on a bright but overcast day you will get the perfect light for the perfect picture of your furry friend.

  1. Work it!

Just like taking pictures of people, it is best to take a photo from your dog’s eye-line or lower. This angle really gives us the “dog’s eye view” of the world. Go one step further and lay down to get the best angle. Practice makes perfect.

  1. Time to share!

We all see great pictures out there – it’s time to share yours. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instragram (dashingdawgs_vancity).

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