Tips for good oral dog and cat care

4 Steps for Good Oral Care

First – Brushing

Good oral care for dogs and cats starts with the owners’ commitment to brush. That’s right old-fashioned teeth bruising is your very best defense against oral disease just like it is in people. Choose a soft bristle tooth brush and pet specific tooth paste because they will swallow what you put in their mouth. Then brush teeth and gums, practice makes perfect.

Second – Diet

From a diet perspective them most effective diet for keeping a dog healthy and their teeth clean is raw food. If you can’t go raw there are fantastic grain-free options of dry and wet foods.

Third – Chews

A chewing dog has healthier teeth than one that doesn’t. We encourage your dog to chew beef back strap to maintain health teeth and gums.

Cat’s aren’t big chewers so you may consider a certified water additive like Bluestem. This is a Canadian certified product good for cats and dogs.

Fourth – Make it a Routine
Despite our best intentions, brushing a dog or cat’s teeth has its challenges. Target a minimum of 3 days a week and put it into your routine and it will become theirs.

A healthy mouth makes for a healthier and happier fur baby!

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