Why Love Cats?

Here Are Purrrfect Reasons You Should

The internet has always been a great place for a lot of cat lovers to binge-watch random videos of cats doing the most random things. Some can easily relate as to why such videos and memes go viral, while others may still need a bit of time understanding this fad.

Just like how a dog can be a human’s best friend, a cat can also be the perfect companion that you are looking for. Here, we shall let you know of the reasons why you should love cats and get into the craze for these feline wonders.

  • They will not require too much of your time and attention

Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to find the time to do more things and this could be because of school, work, relationships or hobbies.

The truth is that there are just so many things that you can do nowadays that sometimes, a lot of people keep themselves from getting a pet just because they know they can’t give it enough attention just yet.

However, having a cat is pleasingly not that time-consuming. Cats are known to be low-maintenance and even if you leave them at home the whole day on their own, they will still happily approach you and long for your cuddles.

Another thing that lets you have more free time is that they do not even need to be bathed every day. Cats have the capability of licking themselves clean, and even if that doesn’t sound very pleasing, how they clean themselves is actually pretty good.

  • They could be environment-friendly

A lot of people are becoming more and more concerned about the environment and owning a cat instead of other pets can actually lessen your carbon footprint. Cats need fewer calories than other pets and this means that making sure they are fed won’t require bigger lands than other pets do.

If you are someone who is into gardening, cat feces can also be used as fertilizers. However, as purringpal.com suggests, it’s better not to use a cat’s fecal matter on vegetables or consumables to avoid contamination.

Cats are still susceptible to getting parasites and the last thing you want is to have parasites on your food.

Speaking of a cat’s waste, you also have the option to use organic litter. You can even reuse newspapers, sawdust, or corn cobs for this purpose.

  • They could be best friends with other cute animals

Having a multi-pet household is becoming more common and you have to admit that nothing beats seeing a cat getting along with other cute pets like another cat or dog.

Even if cats are known to be solitary, they know how to appreciate a good company aside from yours. This just means that gone are the days when people have to choose between having a cat or a dog.

Seeing a cat getting along with another pet will surely make your heart melt! Just make sure you always supervise its interactions with other pets.

  • They can be good for your health

This may seem like a bit ridiculous, but there are actually research and studies that can prove how cats can help people reduce the chance of having fatal cardiovascular diseases like a stroke or heart attack.

Aside from cardiovascular diseases, cats can also help you cope with stress and anxiety. It is said that having a cat close to you can increase the oxytocin; a ‘’feel good” chemical in your brain.

This is the reason why psychiatrists would recommend getting a cat that you could register as an ESA or Emotional Support Animal. Cats can definitely help mitigate the symptoms of emotional or psychological disabilities.

  • They are easily contented and are easy to please

This could just be the trait that will make you love cats better. Cats are easily satisfied with whatever they have. You don’t need to get them anything fancy.

They could be happily playing with a ball of yarn, boxes or any toys. You don’t even need to get or buy them a bed as they could peacefully sleep on almost anything.

They could just stay in a corner and curl up and still have the best sleep you can even be jealous of. You don’t have to take them anywhere to appreciate a view as they can already enjoy any view from a bookshelf or cat tree.

Watching them enjoy simple things can keep you grounded and appreciate what you already have. Those viral videos of cats enjoying random things are not only cute and fun to watch. Those can also serve as good reminders to enjoy the simple things in life.

Article written by: Miranda LaSalaa

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